Driss Doukari has the Answers to All Your Real Estate Needs in Australia


A member of the famous Ray White sales team, Driss Doukari is a well-known name in Central Queensland region.  He is a well-respected professional who has managed to set new benchmarks in the real estate market of Australia. With more than eight years of experience in the field of property, finance and client management, getting his clients the best deal happens to be his forte. He has proved himself not once but every time. It is an impeccable career record that has made Driss Doukari a preferred choice for numerous corporate clients in Central Queensland region. .

The team at Ray White has been using his extensive selling and buying experience to meet targets consistently. Driss Doukari and Ray White together are fine examples of high profile achievers, who have not just excelled at their field or work but successfully set examples for other professionals to follow. The chief reason for Driss to be classified as one of the best real-estate agents in Australia is his consistent performance, jolly attitude and commitment to deliver results in a time bound manner. Driss Doukari has very strong organizational skills and is extremely resourceful. His team members confess that his exceptionally high energy levels are infectious and motivate them to perform better. Ray White and Driss Doukari together represent professionalism and superior standards of services.driss doukari

Driss Doukari is an expert at referrals and maintains an exhaustive database, which comprises of a long list of happy and content clients. The performance and achievements of Driss Doukari have made Ray White a well-known and respected name in Bundaberg. Despite the exceptional success Driss Doukari is an extremely humble and courteous professional, and you will never hear anything adverse about him from his peers and his clients. He was nominated as an integral member of Alan White Premier Member in 2014. This is no small accolade; it is only given to the top performing agents, who manage to sell more than thirty properties in a single financial year.


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