Driss Doukari – An Australian Real Estate Agent with an Impeccable Record

Driss Doukari Ray WhiteWhat makes a real estate agent really successful in a local, regional or national market? Undoubtedly, it is the commitment to help clients make a better, informed decision (whether buying or selling) in the real estate market. Driss Doukari, a well known name in the Central Queensland is counted among the very best real estate sales managers in Australia for this very reason.

When you decided to work with Driss, whether for a corporate deal or for the purpose of buying a residential property, you can be well assured of the fact that just by choosing the right professional, you are several steps closer to the property you desire.

Driss has received numerous accolades and appreciations over a career spanning eight plus years. On many occasions, he has been ranked as the best salesman for the results he has achieved for his clients. Despite the success, he has ever been humble and a down to earth person. Perhaps, this is the reason why his old clients make it a point to refer him more people looking to buy or sell houses, apartments, villas, commercial complexes and other such properties.

One of the essential qualities that anyone would expect from a real estate agent is the ability to honestly present facts and possibilities upfront. Driss does not make any tall claims; he presents facts as they are and makes commitments that he can actually honor. That been said, with Driss Doukari of Ray White, you will never be in dark. You will know exactly what you will get because he will deliver on what he has promised, always!

If you would like to avail Driss Doukari’s real estate expertise in Central Queensland area, please don’t hesitate to contact him. You can always have a non-obligatory discussion with Driss. He would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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